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Our Mission

Old Millstone Forge Association, Inc

Has been established to support the maintenance and preservation of the Blacksmith Shop and Museum in the Borough of Millstone, County of Somerset, NJ.

Our purpose is the proper preservation of both the building and the collection within, and the proper use of the equipment to better explain the purpose of the Blacksmith within our culture and history.

The Old Millstone Forge Museum is one of the oldest Living History groups in the area, and takes pride in the products and the experiences they provide.

Our activities include:

  • Promoting education about industrial life in Rural America
  • Preserving a strong collection of tools
  • Serving as a source of supplies and parts for other historic sites in the County
  • Providing training in a high value skill to those interested
  • Creating a social center for the Borough of Millstone
  • Accepting contributions from individuals, public or private groups for charitable, educational and historical purposes related to the above.
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